We have merged with Superior Imprints and relocating to Kent in September. We will have Screen & Pad printing and embroidery capabilities! Email us with any questions!
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  • What are your hours?

We are open Monday-Friday 10-5pm and Saturday 10-2pm

  • Where are you located?

We are located downtown Seattle at 1907 4th Avenue, between Macy's and Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

  • How long does engraving take?

Usually around 7 days depending on the material we are engraving and the amount of pieces you bring in. We will expedite your order for an additional fee! 

  • What types of materials do you engrave?

Glass, stone, metal, leather, acrylic, mirror, wood, watermelons...just about anything you can possibly think of!

  •  What are your basic engraving prices?

We have a $30 minimum for most smaller or regular sized items, we do not charge per letter, we charge by the item, size and sides of the piece you want engraved. For jewelry and smaller engraving the minimum is $40. Please fell free to call us for estimates. 

  • What sizes do you engrave?

We engrave on items as small as dimes and as large as 36”x24”. We are able to engrave on oversized items, simply call for details! 

  • Is your engraving done in house?

YES! Everything we customize is done in-house.

  • What method of engraving do you use?

We have several different machines and methods of engraving. What machine or hand technique we use depends on the material and style requested. We have lasers, revolving stones, diamond point and sand blasting, oh my! We are capable of engraving virtually any design into any material, your imagination is the limit!

  • Can you engrave custom logos?

We cannot engrave copyrighted or trademarked logos or images without written consent of the owner. Barone Crystal is not responsible or liable for any artwork or logos submitted to us. Any images submitted to us, or created in our process, are owned by you and any reproduction of the image without written consent is the sole responsibility of the image creator/owner. 

  • What artwork can you use?

Artwork needs to be high resolution and almost any format.

Typically artwork/logos found through search engines is not high resolution . (Sometimes we can use low resolution artwork, however we charge for the time to clean up the artwork. One logo can take up to 4 hours!)

We suggest going to Etsy, Shutterstock or even Adobe Stock and search for, “Black and white line art” - almost all files on these sites are high resolution for engraving. You can instantly download the art and send it our way!